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“It started with felted piano and digital reverbs.

Then came masking tape, rubber mutes, delays.

After that, things escalated.”

Like so many talented musicians, Paula Präktig was absorbed into music at an early age. Black and white keys became Paula’s way of expressing her existence. Years went by, new instruments got tagged along and soon traditional instruments weren’t enough to quench her thirst. Eventually you’d find Paula by her piano with knobs and sliders, effects and controllers. Tools for the same purpose it all started from: to express herself – to connect with the world through emotions she so intensely yet effortlessly conveys with her music. That’s what make’s Paula’s music so captivating. It has never been about showcasing her professionally trained skills and her ability to understand complex musical structures. Those are merely tools enabling her to tell those spellbinding musical stories as vividly as she feels the need to.

This journey filled with music which once started in a small town in northern Finland – surrounded by nature the sun so sparsely blesses with its rays – has taken Paula across Finland and Europe performing, collaborating and organising events that celebrate the comprehensive love for piano and music in general.

"I make music because I feel a need to do so. The world that we live in is weird and contradictory. Sitting down at an acoustic piano, I often enter into a kind of magic domain where it's peaceful and where I can do anything. It feels as if I was alone in a forest, or in the fells.. After all these years I can still find new sounds from the instrument. And if you add microphones and a computer, there's a whole new universe of sound to explore. I am very grateful when I get to share that with the listeners."

"At her best, Paula Präktig creates sensitively tuned, charged atmospheric moments that you will gladly stop in front of."

Aki Yli-Salomäki, Yle Radio 1





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